Welcome to the Partnership for Biotechnology and Genomics Education


The Partnership for Biotechnology and Genomics Education (PBGE) project on the UC Davis campus involves two related components of secondary education focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) concepts. The components include the development and distribution of innovative 3D virtual reality software and a highly successful laboratory equipment loan program with associated curricula for hands-on instruction in biotechnology for secondary schools.


STEMwareDesigning Immersive Biology Learning Simulations for Formal and Informal Settings

Modern biology-related scenarios developed by educator student-scientist partners will be translated into STEMware (immersive learning simulations for a virtual lab environment). Targeted toward secondary level students and educators, this cyberlearning resource will be distributed to afterschool programs, home computers, and school sites across the country. The project incorporates an innovative professional and youth development program in the creation, implementation, and evaluation of STEM based “serious game” software.





Biotechnology in the Classroom

The development of both hardware and curricula designed to provide hands-on laboratory experience in high school biology programs through an equipment loan program and an associated Biotechnology Teacher Support Network (BTSN). BTSN activities include summer training programs focused on research, lab activities, and safe and effective use of equipment. Quarterly meetings and a list serve provide a venue to share classroom experiences, troubleshoot experiments, and get updated research information. Each kit contains twelve complete lab stations that allow classes to carry out experiments in gel electrophoresis, bacterial transformation, and PCR.
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